Asian.GOP-Advisory Council of Elected Officials

ACEO - Asian.GOP


Upcoming Events

March 6 Monthly Teleconference Meeting
10p EST, 9p CST, 8p MST, 7p PST, 5p HST, 1p Mar 7 ChST

2018 RNC Winter Conference


Open Remarks And Introductions

  • AAPI co-Chairs Helen Van Etten and Keiko Orrall
  • RNC Leaders: Chairperson Ronna McDaniel, and/or co-Chair Bob Paduchik
  • Strategic Initiative, Edith Jorge, Adi Sathi
  • House Representative Amata Radewagen
  • AAPI.GOP members Harmeet Dhillon, Shawn Steel, Toni Anne Dashiell, Beth Campbell and more

All About Election

  • AZ Senate Majority Leader, Kimberly Yee
  • Dean Tran’s win in a deep blue district
  • Other campaigns, Allan Fung
  • Campaign Technology
  • Campaign Fundraising

Advocacies Turning AAPI Communities RED

  • Presentation of outreach efforts in Texas, Stephen Wong
  • Statistics of AAPI voters on issues
  • Second Amendment
  • Faith Base Initiative
  • AAPI community grassroots movements

Q&A Discussion

Advisors (in alphabetical order)