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Upcoming Event

December 5 Monthly Teleconference Meeting
10p EST, 9p CST, 8p MST, 7p PST, 5p HST, 1p Dec 6 ChST

Past November Monthly Meeting

  • Welcome new members
  • Look back on VA, NJ, WA elections on 11/7
  • Discuss Membership Drive Task Force (“MemberTF”), Goal and to-do
  • Discuss Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”), 2018 election season, and technology
  • Discuss RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”) and January RNC session
  • Discuss Organization Affiliation Task Force

Election Campaign Task Force (“CampaignTF”)
Purpose: Build best practice, utilize the cutting edge technology with big data, produce measureable campaign results TF member: Helen, Keiko, Cliff

RNC Liaison Task Force (“RNCTF”)
Purpose: Coordinate with RNC for the common causes, heighten AAPI awareness among RNC members, coordinate routine RNC Conference session TF Members: Helen, Keiko, ToniAnn, Beth, Shawn, Harmeet,….

Organizations Affiliation Task Force (“AffiliationTF”)
Purpose: Work with and lead AAPI Conservative organizations Such as Chinese American Alliance (CAA), etc

Participants (in alphabetical order)

Lily Bao; Beth Campbell; Elisa Chan; Toni Anne Dashiell; Helen Van Etten; Ron Falconi; Allan Fung; Yining Hou; Cliff Li; Aurora Ogg; Keiko Orrall; Xiao qi Wang; Benming Zhang


Monthly teleconference meetings are scheduled at 10p EST, 9p CST, 8p MST, 7p PST, 4p HST in the evening of the 1st Tuesday each month.

Past Monthly Meetings

Advisors (in alphabetical order)